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This type of inventory provides the customer with a list of each item in inventory as well as the quantity. Also available, generally at no additional cost, are values and item descriptions. If the customer’s stock is bar coded, these items can be scanned. The final listing is generally left with the customer at the end of the inventory count and is provided on floppy disk. Results may also be sent to the customer’s main office on floppy disk, via modem or presented on magnetic tape. A paper listing is also provided, at no extra cost, when requested.


Today’s technology allows every business owner to track stock status. Even the best point-of-sale system can become ‘out of focus’ due to shrinkage, undocumented returns, mis-entered invoices, etc. So a periodic physical count is needed to refresh the system’s stock level status.


Inventory Professionals Inc. can take your inventory at the UPC/SKU level using our state-of-the-art data collecting equipment. We are able to scan and report a wide selection of pertinent inventory data involving price, description, and other related aspects of an item such as color, size, cost and manufacturer, to name a few. Inventories can be summarized in financial terms, or produce an inventory data file to incorporate into your system.